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Squiggles received a Grade A recommendation from Best Kids Apps, which also uses it to make their bio web page.
Bio photos courtesy of Squiggles, one of our all-time favorite apps.

Squiggles was awarded "Best" award by iPhoneAppsPlus.com


Have fun with your Christmas photos! Send to family and friends.

Version 1.5 Now approved and in Staff Favorite on the App Store

This version will requires OS 3.0 on the iPhone or Touch

( New Update in progress to handle higher resolution devices.
Current version limited to 480 x 320)

New features: Copy and Paste, any Image can be an overlay,
full color selection, full mail support, Picture Frames, Coloring Books, Faster filters, more

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User image overlays (selected or pasted) Frames


Copy and paste within Squiggles Coloring Book images


Please get in your feedback on features or other images you would like.

Squiggles is a paint program specifically designed for the iPhone.  Whether you need to make a sketch to get your ideas down, have fun with your photos, flex your artistic side or just plain doodle while waiting in line, Squiggles is ready.   

From This -- To This

Squiggles Uses

Great for sharing with family and friends, especially if they’re the subject.

Create fun images to email as postcards.

Print out as gift cards.

Sketch or paint anytime, anyplace. No cleanup required.

Great for keeping anyone entertained (Children and adults)

It’s creative and encourages creativity.

Getting Adults To Draw from NPR

Doodling is relaxing.

Capture your sights in a unique way.

Document photographs and make notes on them. Good for remembering or for marking areas of interest.

Sketching to illustrate a point or explain something is often the best way.

Brainstorming ideas.

Create new wallpaper images for your iPhone or Touch. Add your name or email to the wallpaper image so someone finding your phone can contact you.

Creating storyboards for your film project.
Check out the video demo if you haven’t already.
Also check out the
Getting Started page and Tips to get the most out of Squiggles.

Paint on provided backgrounds, any photos on your iPhone or take photos in Squiggles and add notations or enhancements.

Squiggles comes with a selection of hard and soft brushes, including specialty brushes.  Full color selection.  Undo.  Erase on Shake. Set the finger offset so you can see fine lines as you’re painting.   Also includes Smart Tools to make your hand drawn lines straight and your circles smooth.  

Option to turn off tools while viewing or painting.
Works in both portrait and landscape mode. Works on both the iPhone and Touch.

Squiggles demo video available at bottom of page.

birthday wizard2
Examples:  Overlays, Overlay with color stamps

Overlays and Text

Have fun sharing by emailing modified photos directly from the iPhone.
You can also assign images to be your Wallpaper (add your name or contact number to a wallpaper image),
Use images for Contacts or upload to your Mobile Me web site using the Photos app already on your device.

Advanced paint and image manipulation.

Adjust opacity for painting tints. 6 painting modes.
-Full spectrum of colors to chose from. 12 user defined quick colors.
Screenshot 2009.06.17 00.04.31Screenshot 2009.06.16 23.53.09Screenshot 2009.06.16 23.52.59
-Cursor combined with finger offset allows precise painting.
-Paint smoothing – Smooths your paint strokes automatically
-Erase tool restores to original background.
-Clone tool for copying one area of the image to another.
-Stamps – Selection of provided color brush images that can be used for painting enhancements. (Pixie dust, butterflies, etc)
Over 40 stamps included.

Overlays – Selection of provided images that can be layered on top of your photos and paint.
These can be moved, resized and rotated. (Hats, glasses, shapes, beards, etc)
Over 70 overlay images provided.            

Text – Short phrases that can be typed in with different fonts. These can be moved, scaled and rotated interactively.

Filters: Interactively adjust brightness and contrast. Includes most of the PhotoBooth style of distortion, including interactive twirl.

Brightness                                    Twirl
Resizes images to use the full iPhone screen size (320 x 480)  
Images are saved to your Photo Album for emailing and downloading.

The next version is in the works so get in our wish list now.


If you have problems please see the Problem Solving page.

If you have an interesting image to share please send it in to our gallery.
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Tips to get the most creative use out of Squiggles
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