Getting Started with Squiggles

Squiggles works on the iPhone and iPod Touch. When referring to the iPhone this applies to either device.

Should you still have questions or problems check
Problem Solving page. Please go to Contact page or click on the support link below if you’re still having problems.  
There's also a demo video on the home page that should make some of these options a little easier to understand.

Once you've used Squiggles if you would be open to sharing images please send them in for the online gallery.

Advanced Guide
Quick Start
Let’s create a new image. Tap the new image button in the upper left.

You now have a choice of New, Photo Library or Take Photo.

Background button should be selected.

New brings up a scrollable selection of supplied backgrounds of plain colors and simple grids and cards. Just tap on the name or image you’d like. Note that many images have a choice of portrait or landscape mode. Choose the appropriate one.


Photo library brings up your iPhone Photo Albums. Select the album and then the image.


By default Squiggles ignores the move and scale and loads the full size image into the paint area. This provides the best quality. If you have the settings to use the Crop Image then it will use the move and scale controls and bring in an image limited to 320 by 320.

Take Photo brings up the camera controls. Take the picture and tap the Use Photo button.

Once you’ve loaded an image you may need to rotate your phone so the toolbars match. If the image is in landscape (wider than tall) then turn the phone sideways. All cropped images are loaded in portrait mode.

Now you’re ready to paint. Select the brush by tapping on the round button (Tool Options) in the lower right of the toolbar.
This will bring up a selection of brush types and shapes.  Select any brush.

To set the color, tap on the square button on the bottom toolbar.        

Select a color by tapping on it.


Now press on the screen with your finger and move it around. Notice the top and bottom bars disappear while you’re painting.


If you make a mistake while painting hit the Undo button on the bottom.
Tap it again will cause it to redo so you can toggle your last brush stroke back and forth.

If you wish to get rid of all the drawing you’ve done simply shake the iPhone. The background will return to what you started with and all the paint will be gone. There is a Setting to create an alert when you shake the phone to confirm before erasing.

When you’re done and want to save your work tap the Export button on the lower left.


Tap the Save to Album button. This will save the image to your iPhone Photo Album. From there you can send them as email, download to your computer or view with the Photo App. You can also reload these later for more paintwork.

If you quit Squiggles it saves the current image and all the settings so you’ll be up and running the next time you start it.

Now tap the tool in the center bottom (Currently paint brush) and select the Stamps Tool.

Next select the Options button in the lower right.


Select any image to use as a stamp brush.

And paint with the colored stamp.


Next tap the tool button in the center (Currently Stamp Tool)
Select the Overlays tool.

Next select the Options button in the lower right.


Select any image to use as an overlay.

The image will be full frame and centered.


You may move the image by dragging a finger or by using two fingers (or thumbs)
and rotating or pinching. The overlay will show a box while it’s being moved so you
can see where the selection box is.


Move and size the overlay and place it where you want.


You can have multiple overlays and can reorder them.
All paint work happens only on the background.
To paint on overlays select the Tools and select Flatten.

That’s it for the Quick Start. For the more information see the

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