Squiggles continues to get recognition.
Apple marketing has once again requested special demo versions for the coming year.

Squiggles received a Grade A recommendation from Best Kids Apps, which also uses it to make their bio web page.
Bio photos courtesy of Squiggles, one of our all-time favorite apps.

Squiggles was awarded "Best" award by

Version 1.5
(Now Available)

This version requires OS 3.0 on the iPhone or Touch

Additional features:
Copy and paste: Select the whole image or section. Paste into any app that takes images (such as Mail)
You can also paste into Squiggles. Copy multiple images in Photos app and paste them into Squiggles. Each pasted image becomes and overlay. You can also paste anything you copied in Squiggles or elsewhere.

Color selection: Use the current color square or use RGB or HSL sliders to set the precise color you want.

Overlays: You can select any new image source (backgrounds, photo album or camera) and use them as overlays. This allows you freedom to move and resize and of your images while they float on top of you background.

Full mail support: Now mail images to anyone, no matter what email program they use.s

New Additions:
Picture Frames - Several beautiful frames to frame your photos and artwork.
Coloring Book pages - Coloring book style overlays to paint as you like.
Flowers - Frame a face with flowers
More hats.
Selected brush now shown
Filters and distortions are now quite a bit faster.
Better memory usage.
Version number displayed.
See images examples

Frames sampler
Come in both portrait and landscape. Add to your photo or image to give them the final touch.

Coloring book sampler
Start with either a plain background or photo. Add coloring book transparent overlays. Resize and place as desired. Paint is applied below the overlay so you can see the color book image at all times. Be as accurate or loose as you want to be.

New Overlays sampler
Flowers have opening so you can place on a face or reduce as glasses or anything you’d like.

Coming in 1.6: Undos: Supports OS 3.0 undo for 20 levels of undo. Shake and undo or redo. Undos include any changes to Text or Overlays (adding/deleting, moving)

Version 1.4

(available now on the Apple Store)

Smart Shapes and Smoothing were inadvertently turned off in last version. Now restored.

New Features
Email directly from Squiggles via the Mail app!
(You'll still want to save if you want a copy for yourself)
(Note: Outlook and some email apps may not accept images in this form or may require a preference change)
Overlay and Text layers now show touch area when they are touched and moved to make it easier to see where to grab and resize.
Eye dropper to pick colors in the image. Uses finger offset and cursor same as paint tools.
Colors can be saved in the quick color palette.
Reminder alert when Overlay or Text tools used without a selection.

Mini Quick Start Instructions and link to Full Manual online. (Under preferences)

New Overlays and Stamps!
Valentines Day images galore. Hearts, heart glasses, chocolate hearts, balloons, frames, and lips.

Requires OS 2.1

Updated instructions to be uploaded in the near future
Here are a few of the new overlays and stamps.


Images Wanted
Submit images using Squiggles. If we use them you’ll get a free copy of Fliparoni.

Tips Added

Just added a page of tips that might come in handy.

Version 1.3

Added many overlays and stamp brushes to enhance your holiday photos and artwork.
Here’s a few of the new items.


Version 1.2
(Now in the store)

Please let me know if you have problems with this version. Thank you.

Fixed bug that prevented some images from loading
Fixed bug that would cause app to lockup in landscape mode under certain circumstances
Fixed bug that made it difficult to select overlay under text if text tool was just used

Option to have white or black background for images that don't fit the screen. (Default is still white)

Crop Overlay no longer shown when selecting Photo or Taking Photo if Load Cropped is turned off.

As always pressing on Squiggles name in top Navigation bar will hide all tools allowing you to paint without tools.
Now if you shake without tools showing it will show the tools. Other shakes still provide option to erase to the original image.

Added direct link to website within Settings.

Added direct email support within Settings.

Added Low Memory warning will now only show once.

Note: This requires OS 2.1 to minimize some previous system issues.
Warning: Avoid rotating the camera to portrait if you start in landscape.
OS 2.2 system will hide the buttons and you'll have to quit the app.

More features are in the works for a future update.

As always report any bugs or feature request to the
support email.

visit tracker on tumblr